Battle of Pochonbo

The 88 Brigade is an intelligence unit in which the Soviet Far Eastern forces reorganized Chinese and Korean guerrillas who had been fighting anti-Japanese armed struggle under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in former Manchuria. Guerrilla members in China and Korea were unable to resist the defeat of the Japanese army and fled to the Soviet Union at around 1944-1004. The Soviet army united them into a brigade. The official name is the 88th Special Sniper Brigade.
The brigade is headed by Chinese Zhou Bao Chun. The Chinese call it the 88th Independent Infantry Journey. On the Chinese side, the “88 Infantry Journey” seems to be a part of Manchuria’s anti-Japanese army led by the Chinese Communist Party, and not a part of the Soviet Union. (Ryo Hagiwara, The Korean War: Kim Il Sung and MacArthur’s Conspiracy)