Assault squad

In North Korea, those who cannot enter the army enter the assault squad.

In North Korea, if you do not join the army, you will not be able to join the party or even get a job. The employment is not limited to the profession that one wants, but only to those who have been discharged. However, those with bad backgrounds, such as ex-convicts, cannot even enlist. They were very dissatisfied and often committed crimes. So, as part of a way to control this, North Korean authorities have created an assault squad. After serving for a certain period in the assault squad, you can be treated in the same way as an army. Authorities recruited applicants, giving up on such sweet things. (Zhao Ying-ho, Carrots thief)

There are several types of assault squads, of which the “velocity youth assault squad” has a special status.

After graduating from high school, those with the best connections and the best grades go to college. Most go to the army. Unlucky objects are assigned to the “Assault Squad”. There are several types of assault squads.
The Speed Fighting Youth Assault squad is more honorable and involved in politically important projects. For the most part, they are assigned to the less prestigious “Assault Squad”, which resembles a recruiter. (Andre Lankov, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea)
You will be issued a certificate when you become an official member of the Speed Fighting Youth Assault. The certificate, which proves that dear Kim Jong Il is a member of the Speed Fighting Youth Assault Team led by himself, was written on a red piece of paper printed with the company labor blue badge.
If you have this, you can basically pass the check without a pass. In any case, you have the privilege of not being interfered by other agencies such as the Safety Department. Except when there is a national event and special alerts are in place.
(Huinsaeg Ronggil, “North Korea Bad Diary”)