Anti-Western, Anti-Imperialism

The following is a quote about anti-Western and anti-imperialist propaganda.

Labour members warned the people about the dangers of foreign cultures. “Our enemies adorn the world of imperialism and spread a rosy, capitalist-class lifestyle,Utilize these special tools. If we were to be fooled by such anomalous tools, our revolutionary thinking and class consciousness would be paralyzed and our absolute worship of our marshals would be lost. “(Barbara Demick, Ordinary Lives in North Korea)]
The Labor Newspaper states that the lives of Western societies are full of theft, murder, and rape, and are teeming with unemployed, tramp, and drug addicts. One of the abominable examples of the “fall” that has spread to western countries has been the posting of photos of Berlin-punk lads with colorfully dyed hair. (Norbert Forazen, Doctor who knew North Korea too much)
The guards did not tell Shin that ordinary North Korean elementary school children would learn.
Americans are brute, we are trying to invade and humiliate our homeland, and Korea is a terrible servant of American owners. (Brain Harden, Shun Dong Hee, “Escape from the 14th Office”)
“It is essential that capitalist or anti-socialist elements be crushed boldly at the germination stage,” says the Labor Newspaper. “Once you allow the pollution of imperialism and culture, your conviction that you weren’t shaken by a bayonet breaks down like a muddy wall.” (Id.)